Born from a life long love affair with electronic and hip hop music. From my earliest days in New York’s party scene, the focus has been one thing…the forward progression of underground music. Current releases feature Surrogate}Channel-Drae. Visit us periodically for updates on new releases.

Drae’s Mix Archive

Complimentary plays and downloads of my dance mixes via Soundcloud. Features music by my all time favorite producers and tracks. Techno, house, tech/house, minimal, classics, breaks and disco sets available for download and sharing. Check archive periodically for future mixes and free music.

Surrogate Channel 2am Techno Mix.
33 Degrees Mix Series . 2 Hrs . 6 Tracks, Drum Machine + FX

Surrogate Channel 4am Minimal Tech House Mix.
33 Degrees Mix Series . 2 Hrs . 6 Tracks, Drum Machine + FX

Surrogate Channel 6am Sunrise House Mix.
33 Degrees Mix Series . 2 Hrs . 6 Tracks, Drum Machine + FX

Jackin The Funk House Mix. Feel good, jackin’ house music funk!

Miami Nights House Mix. Global house beats for summer settings.

House Classics 3000. All time house classics and dance favorites.

Free Digital Track Downloads . Promo Only


Surrogate}Channel feat. Drae- “Adorn” (House Remix)

Surrogate}Channel feat. Drae- “HipHopBeBop” (Electro Remix)

Surrogate}Channel feat. Drae- “My Beat” (LSP House Remix)

Surrogate}Channel feat. Drae- “Love Bizarre” (House Remix)

Surrogate}Channel feat. Drae- “Love Bizarre” (House Remix)

Surrogate}Channel . Drae’s Biography

I was 13 years old when the massive was first introduced to me in 1992. You could find me jumping out my window or sneaking out my back door to meet up with all the local graffiti gangs, hip-hop junkies, b-boys and club kids. The NASA party was where i experienced the energy and communal aspect of dance music and New York City’s underground scene of partygoers. Massive New York parties like Maskarave, Essence and Caffeine made me a dedicated believer of electronic dance music. Every weekend, I mean ALL WEEKEND we would hang at the hottest underground parties and clubs from Palladium to Limelight.

It was the golden age of electronic dance music in New York City and the United States. We were at the birth of dance music’s subculture, spawned by Frankie Bones and his pursuit to bring techno music to the masses.  It was the biggest thing since Studio 54 and the Paradise Garage to hit New York City, and forever changed dance music around the world. From 1992-1995 I was blessed to meet and listen to the world’s best DJs and producers, educating me on cutting-edge music and the roots of disco, house, techno and dance classics. New York was never at a loss for proper dance music and positive vibes.

In 1995 I became tired of party politics and the 4×4 beat.  My love for UK hard-core and breakbeats spun by DJs like DB and Adam Freeland inspired me to DJ and start my niche’ collection of dark acid break beats for b-boys and break driven dance floors. At the time I was one the only DJ in New York playing this style of dark, underground breakbeat music. Thanks to my trusted music selectors at Satellite Records like Juan Gaviria or Solid State’s Jaesun, I was always provided the hottest music to expand my growing collection.

It was an exciting time for me and my crew, supporting the birth of Break Junkiez and our union with the 9 Volt Outlaws.  Our two groups had similar visions for the future of dance music in New York and set forth to throw free events, after parties and outlaws to the biggest massives, making our mark in dance music history. We were one of the few production companies to bring top-notch DJs and producers in a free setting and encouraging the communal spirit of our scene on a weekly basis.

Later joined by larger scale companies like Guaranteed Overdose and Stuck on Earth, we evolved to bigger and brighter things on the dance music circuit. A young group of kids armed with music and love for our scene made a difference for thousands of partygoers at a time when New York dance music scene was in turmoil and had fallen under the strain of club politics and capialism. This captured our free loving spirit and is a moment in time that we will never forget.

Into the late 90’s and into the year 2000, we produced a free series of music concert events at Flushing Meadows Park World Fairgrounds called Crash and Burn and other underground monikers. These events became our signature and catered such DJs as Frankie Bones, Lenny D, Adam X, Omar Santana, Odi, Jason Jinx, DB, Function and many more talented DJs and producers. All the while, i still found time to party till the early afternoon with the Vinyl crew at Danny Tenaglia’s legendary Be Yourself parties. Dancing every weekend for eight years straight sure does make your feet hurt.

Until 2005… and further engulfed in the scene, I began stage managing various Boo Festivals and massives for Stuck on Earth, voted #1 Dance Music Promoter by Urb Magazine and notoriety in the Village Voice for stellar productions and music in the North East Coast. After a long 10 years and the slowing pace of our subculture, I took a long needed break to focus on my family and my music.

In 2007 I returned to produce and promote the NEWYORKFUCKINCITY Events Series, combining the best elements of underground dance and urban music on one stage, evolving New York’s party scene once again with a fresh outlook and vision for music driven events. From Function’s Taste of Summer techno parties on Sunday afternoon’s to massives at Avalon, Studio B and dozens of spaces, we kept people dancing for 2 years until 2009 and the end of our newest moment in time.

Since then I have focused on event and sound production for some of New York’s best parties, clubs and promoters such as Turntables on the Hudson, Guggenheim’s First Friday Events,  One Step Beyond at the American Museum of Natural History and clients such as Manhattan Magazine, Turntable Lab, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and many others. My journey has reincarnated into Surrogate Channel with a vision to educate and spread music of the world’s best DJs and producers. My trip behind the decks and producing music rises from the ashes to a new experience and connection with a worldwide community of underground music enthusiasts…

Photos by Alex Bershaw}