Surrogate}Channel serves customers seeking rent live sound or DJ equipment. Skilled installation and maintenance of all equipment is offered, as well as visual, staging and technical support in all facets of event production.  We also provide, graphic design, web and print media for any sized marketing campaign upon request.

Our customer base within the New York Metro and Tri-State area includes:
Event promoters, Production companies, Entertainment and marketing firms, Clubs /Bars /Lounges, Hotels, Magazines, Retailers, Corporations, Museums, Art galleries, DJ’s, Musicians, Fashion shows, Private event planners, Caterers, Promoters and Live bands.

Equipment Rental

We offer an extensive line of sound, DJ and presentation equipment for daily or extended hire including: DJ Gear- mixers, turntables, Cdj’s, Serato, cartridges, FX, headphones and monitors. Speakers + Amplifiers- active/passive- full range monitors, sub-woofers and accessories. P.A. Gear- microphones, wireless systems, stands, mixing consoles, audio processors and cabling.

Our inventory contains equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers:
Meyer, QSC, Pioneer, Technics, Allen & Heath, Rane, Mackie, DBX, Shure, Yamaha, TC Electronics, Sennheiser, Audix, Crown, EAW, XTA, Midas, Furman, BSS and more. We also provide labor services and technical support for equipment rentals. Full packages that include all necessary equipment and labor are available at discounted rates.

Concert . Live PA

We offer production management for events of all sizes, ranging from small presentations to large-scale concerts. Premium sound systems and instruments are available, together with technical on-site support. Audio systems are offered for concert, corporate presentations, conventions, annual meetings, product launches and charity events.

Sound /Staging/Backline-We provide transportation and event services for individual rental items or concert sound systems. Staging is available upon request, as well as backline for live bands. We also offer a full inventory of musical instruments and staging equipment. Systems and Equipment include: Meyer, Clair Brothers, Crown Audio, Radeon, QSC, Mackie and more. Backline instruments of all kinds including guitar amps, drums, mixing boards, keyboards and products from every major manufacturer including vintage, boutique gear.

Lighting . Visuals

We provide complete lighting systems for special events and permanent installations. Special effects and visual graphics are also available for large-screen or HD TV projections and presentations.For any occasion, from smaller special events to large-scale concerts, we are able to design elaborate lighting schemes, using all types of rigging configurations to create custom effects. Lighting and visual techniques include video projections, lasers, LEDs and fabric designs.

We are able to create custom visual screen set-ups for any indoor or outdoor event space, utilizing a wide variety of large projection screen layouts or HD and Plasma TVs. We can produce a custom visual show according to your creative or branding needs, incorporating the latest computer-generated graphics. Live video feeds of your event can also be integrated into the visuals for real-time presentation.

Presentation Services

We provide production management for corporate events, product launches and presentations. The highest quality projectors, video screens, wireless mics, HD TVs, and LED lighting options are available for your company’s most important gatherings. We offer video projection, including high resolution HD DLP and LCD projectors, resulting in clean and crisp graphic and video imagery on any size screen. Wireless microphone and lavalier systems are available. Discounts are offered on all-in-one presentation packages including wireless audio, sound, video projection and screen rentals.

On-site technical support is provided at additional cost. All sizes of HD, Plasma and LCD displays and monitors, with optional stands, are available for all event and presentation applications. Our inventory includes the best TVs from the leading manufacturers. Playback and HD broadcast hardware is also available for rental. Technical support provided upon request.


Custom sound system, DJ and visual installation, bringing our years of experience in special event production to the creation of customized permanent installations for your residence or business. Schedule a site visit or walk-through to discuss your needs. We will offer our suggestions for the best options for any budget. We have designed installations for a wide variety of locations, including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, galleries, recording studios, event spaces, retail stores, performance spaces and residences.

All labor and technical support is provided and our installations are guaranteed to be secure, quick and highly professional. Our high-quality products include speakers, amps, DJ mixers, mixing boards, home theater systems, lighting, projection, pro audio/recording equipment, and much more.

Maintenance . Repair

A wide variety of maintenance and repair options are available for all types of audio, video and lighting equipment. We will visit your location or venue to remove, repair and maintain your in house A/V system. We provide on-site servicing of pre-installed systems that require annual or regular maintenance. We will remove and replace all troubled equipment, with or without product warranties. Repair costs are quoted after an initial diagnostic service charge. Repair service is available either on-site, or via pick-up or drop-off. There is an additional charge for pick-up service.

On-site repairs and re-installation of repaired items are planned around your production or business schedule. Items under warranty or requiring factory repair can be packaged and shipped to the manufacturer for an additional charge. Rates are based on size, weight and the location of the authorized repair facility.

Delivery / Run of Show

Transportation for individual rental items or full systems within the tri-state area. Rates are based on distance traveled and amount of equipment carried. We can also assemble and install any individual rental item or full system in your venue, as well as integrate our equipment into pre-existing systems.

Set-up and Breakdown costs are billed at an hourly rate and based on the estimated completion time and the number of technicians required. Rates can vary depending on the dynamics of the location as well as the level of difficulty involved.