August 11th. Osiris Burners Event in Brooklyn.

Osiris and Black Rock Syndicate in asscociation with Synergy/Audiophile presents its first NYC Event.
OSIRIS-EGYPTIAN THEMED EVENT. Art Installations, Volunteers,Performers all welcome!!

The Osiris Burners is a Burning Man community group destined to build one of the greatest Esplanade theme camps the burn has ever known….As you step out across the dusty expanse of the playa, a warm wind caresses your face, your eyes scan the horizon. You are here to witness the rise of the great pyramid, a feat yet unknown to Black Rock City. Man-made or mythical, this structure is your portal; your doorway between the land of the living and what lies beyond. This is OSIRIS.

August 11th. Osiris Burners Event in Brooklyn.

JELO – Canada – Hot Box digital
ARROW CHROME (Disorient)
COURAGE (courage)
DK (Kostume Kult)
HAVOK (Synergy/Osiris)
HOHME (Osiris)
MIKE KHOURY (varsity all stars)
SOMA (audiophile)
YENTALBEATS (Robot heart)

This is your passage between worlds – a place where music, passion, and art are created. Though you may exit OSIRIS, you are changed forever. You have glimpsed the Underworld, with OSIRIS as your guide.

THE MORGAN – 250 Varet St Brooklyn NY
18 to enter / 21 to drink

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